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Occupied Properties and Flat Fee Listings

flat fee listing

Flat Fee MLS Listing homes that are occupied properties are a little different than your usual vacant homes. When scheduling showings for an occupied property, there are plenty of factors to keep in mind.

1) Agents tend to have a big cancellation rate

Buyer's Agent's work around the schedule of their client. This means that there are plenty of schedules to merge in order for a showing to occur. This is why agents tend to cancel showings.It is important to keep this in mind, in case the occupant must wait for the arrival of the agent.

2) Harder to sell occupied homes in some cases

This notion is not backed up by statistics, but it can be rational to assume that an occupied home can be a harder sell. This is due to all the imperfections homes have when they are being lived in. A clean kitchen and restrooms usually impress the buyers. This is more difficult to upkeep with an occupied home.

3) It is worth the try

Flat fee MLS Listing Services may still have a good success rate with occupied listings. It is sometimes worth the try to sell the home when it is occupied. Ideal scenarios don't always show up in Real Estate, so we must use the listing lemons we are given. Flat Fee Listing in Houston and DFW usually involve occupied homes, so at least your competition is doing it as well.

Hope this helps!

Will Puente

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