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What are the best type of external pictures to take for my Flat Fee MLS Listing?

flat fee listing

Pictures are crucial for a flat fee MLS listing, and the following are our recommendations on the specific type of photographs to take.

1. Front Picture

flat fee listing

This is a crucial photo for the home, so make sure it looks very well. Try to get a picture without any vehicles present, or an angle where the vehicles are out of the way.

2. Take external Pictures 1 hour before dusk

flat fee listing

This is one of the first rules of listing photography, because the best light comes around this time. A cloudy day will also give about the same effect as a dusk photo. Do not wait to close to dusk, otherwise you will need more lighting.

3. Avoid trash cans

flat fee listing

If you are taking pictures of your flat fee by owner home, don't forget to remove the trash can. It just doesn't look pleasant to see the trash can in any pictures.

4. Never take photos of people

flat fee listing

This is important because buyers are trying to see themselves in the home, and people could ruin that sensation right before they choose your flat fee MLS service listing as their next showing.

We want to be your #1 solution for Flat Fee Listings in Houston and Dallas whether you are an investor or a savvy seller.

Will Puente, MBA

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