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What exactly is Flat Fee MLS Listing?

flat fee listing

What exactly is Flat Fee MLS Listing?

When a seller looks to sell a property, they tend to be used to the traditional 6% model. This means they sign a Listing Agreement with a term of six months and an obligation for the seller's to pay the specified commissions.

Flat Fee Listing Service is provided by a Real Estate Broker as a circumventing of the traditional model. The Brokers posts on MLS for a "flat fee" offered by the seller. This fee ranges from $100 to $1000, and it is a one time paid fee. The seller, therefore, can avoid paying thousands in Commissions.

Flat Fee MLS is a system that is looked down among the Realtor Associations. This has to do because of how real estate companies want to continue operating under the typical methods of old. wants to provide you more contemporary methods of saving while selling your home.

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