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Ordering Your Flat Fee MLS Listing

Ordering Your Flat Fee MLS Listing

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Order one of our three Flat Fee MLS Packages through by filling out our form here

Make an Order


After filling out the form, you will receive an email asking for a property description, listing photos, showing instructions for ShowingTime and a Seller's Disclosure if applicable. 

Check Your Email


Once you have completed the steps above, we will send you a Listing Agreement to your email via DocuSign. Once signed, we will have your Flat Fee MLS Listing listed on MLS within 24 hours.

Sign the Listing Agreement


QUICK READ: Everything you Need to Know

Flat Fee MLS Explained

What is the Flat Fee MLS Listing? It is a quasi-method of For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and a typical traditional way of listing with a real estate agent (6%). FSBOs saving is great, but the marketing exposure of the Realtor's MLS is crucial. Even when you place a FSBO listing on websites like Zillow, Trulia and; they are usually placed under another type of listing. MLS Listings are given priority in these websites, due to its certified brokerage information. But how can you get on your local MLS without paying so much in commissions? This is where the Flat Fee MLS system can help you. It is more like a DIY MLS listing by owner. But be careful, not all Flat Fee Listing companies are alike. Some Flat Fee companies have been flagged in your local MLS Board of Realtors for lack of proper listing procedures. Flat Fee Close is proud to make sure we adhere to all local MLS regulations. This way your Flat Fee Listing not just SAVES, but CLOSES. 

Ordering to SOLD Process

Here is what will happen from Ordering to Closing with our Flat Fee Listing:

1. Order through our Site: Just hit Order and make your payment.

2.Fill Out Our Form: Just a few questions needed for a Listing Agreement.

3. Listing Agreement: This is the form that gives us permission to list your home on MLS. You will receive this form for signature through DocuSign digital signature. 

4.Building Your Listing: We begin to research our databases for your listing data. We try not to ask you any unnecessary questions, and we make sure the data is reliable. Do send us your pictures and a small property description. Let us know if you want to be more hands on through this process, we do this part for you at your convenience. Other Flat Fee Listing sites will ask you a million questions, which you may not know about your property.

5. Activation: Congratulations! We activated your property. Your home is now on the market. This means that it is being seen by millions. We will ask you to please EDIT the listing for any possible errors done by us or through the system. Always email us the proper edits, please.

6. Offer and Contracts Situations: Our Broker will work with the Buyer's Agents in getting the right offer and contract information to you. Remember, YOU are the one that makes the ultimate decisions on the sale.

7. CLOSE: Our final and ultimate GOAL! You have closed on the property. There is plenty to discuss on the home right before a closing, so keep communicating with us about closing. We hope you leave your closing happy about our service and PROCEEDS :)

What is MLS?

If you already know what MLS is, I would still read this important paragraph. Some people assume things about on how FSBO and MLS are related. Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a system provided by the local Board of Realtors (CRMLS) for the listings of properties by REALTORS for REALTORS. This means that this database is for the purpose of Realtors to make commission. This is not for the purpose of any Seller. Most Realtors charge 6% to list a home to Seller, with a LOCK TIGHT Listing Agreement for 6 months. So essentially, the seller is stuck paying that if they ever want to sell a home. Any MLS Listing will need a Realtor/Agent. An Agent is some licensed Realtor representing your interests. And since there can never be an MLS Listing without an Agent, there are no FSBOs in MLS. This is an item that is misunderstood by owners. We are very helpful as your Agents to get you to save, and allow you to be hands on with your listing.

Why are We different?

Most Flat Fee MLS Services only market their services. This is a big deal to a seller because of the way these orders may be third-partied to a Listing Agent that isn't much interested in your closing. Then negligence seems to occur, where emails and offers are missed by this same Listing Agent. We work your flat fee listing, not just at Activation. We make sure the property has proper attention from the Buyer's Agents, in order to contract and CLOSE the listing. WE ARE the Listing Agents, and WE do NOT third-party our orders. You will work with us directly in the building of your listing, a crucial part in order to sell effectively. 

Some Final Points Before You Order a Flat Fee MLS Service

We know you are a smart shopper and should be shopping around for Flat Fee MLS companies.  Have these things in mind as you make this important decision:

1. We DO NOT Third-Party our Listings.

2. We are your typical agent, just that we do not charge so much.

3.We are a Typical Real Estate Brokerage to all REALTORS. This is important for the sale of your home.

4.We love to work with Real Estate Investors, we are all about saving on price.

5. Finally: WHY PAY 6%? This is 2020! Buyers comes from websites, not Buyer's Agents. SAVE & CLOSE!

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