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Some Things to know about Zillow Listings

Zillow is currently one of the most important websites in Real Estate. It is one of the websites that pull our Flat Fee MLS data. But there are some misconceptions from the public about the website. Hopefully this information clears more about this service.

Zillow's Consumers vs Customers

Zillow's consumers are people who need data about homes. These are the same type of consumers from companies like Facebook and Google. However, like Facebook and Google, the customers are a different group. The customers of Zillow are the typical Real Estate Professionals. This includes Brokers, Agents, Lenders. Title Companies, etc. It is important to make this distinction because you can see how Zillow adheres to servicing their customer base. This means that Flat Fee MLS Listings will be preferred over any For Sale By Owner listed on their website.

Flat Fee Listings and Zillow

Flat Fee Listings tend to do very well on Zillow. This is because a Flat Fee Listing is a verified MLS listing that is trusted by the website. A seller listing is usually not verified, and not usually used for comparables or appraisals.

Data uploads are not controlled by the Broker

The timing that data hits Zillow is not controlled by us or any other Brokerage. This data upload depends on the traffic amount of uploads that Zillow is experiencing. We can edit some information as part of your Flat Fee MLS Service, but some items are limited. We will definitely do our best to work your Flat Fee Listing in Houston or DFW into this important website.

Will Puente, MBA

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