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Why did my flat fee service not work for me?

flat fee mls

There are plenty of people (including agents) that do not appreciate flat fee MLS listing services. It is easy to understand how a 6% agent does not like the concept, but there are some valid points. First of all, flat fee MLS listings do not work due to the lack of attention of the listing flat fee agent. If there is a payment made up front, this sometimes takes away the benefit of the agent listing your home. You will see that in, we are very aware that you need to sell your home. Our service does not end at listing your flat fee listing home, it continues through the transaction. Some flat fee agents stop their service at the moment of activation.

Another situation that hinders your flat fee MLS listing is the timing of the offers. The buyer's agent has multiple questions that ease the ability for the home to get an offer. This is why we keep our eyes on communications from these buyer's agents.

Do remember that your listing needs to sell, do not just trust that you are receiving the best flat fee listing service. We want to be the best solution for Flat Fee MLS Listings in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. We are a local Texas Brokerage ready to get your home sold.

Call us if you have any further questions.

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