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Why a typical real estate agent will not be able to help you sell a flooded home.

flat fee listing

Has your home flooded? We are sorry to hear that it has, and we hope your road to recovery is simple and quick. If you know someone that is thinking of selling their flooded home, please share this blog with them. This could mean a difference in thousands of dollars, an amount that they actually need in order to move on from this ordeal.

There Are Plenty of Vultures Out There

Ever been to an accident off I-45 or Hwy 290 and see a plethora of tow trucks ready for the next accident? This is the same effect with homes that go through flooding and fire. Do not believe me? go out there and count the number of signs like the one below.

flat fee listing

These signs are from investors that are ready to lowball these owners and take whatever equity is left on their property.

What should you do?

List your home on MLS with a real estate Agent, BUT! not think this is the same situation as selling a typical property listing. Look at the search result you get on google images when you search for Real Estate Agents in Houston.

flat fee listing

The image of the "pretty realtor lady" is prevalent in the Houston real estate market. This is ok for pretty homes, but not for the unique situation of a flooded home.

What do the flood victims truly need?

These special case clients need three things:

1) Investment Real Estate Agent Experience

These are agents that are aware of the tactics these well-trained bandit sign investors do to buy cheap homes. This is important because it can cause plenty of headaches when one finds out that a buyer is actually a person wholesaling the contract to another buyer. There are agents that are used to knowing how to be careful for these tactics, and how to avoid them.

2) A Low Commission to Seller

These flood victims should not pay 6% to sell their home. This is a tough time for them, and they should find themselves being helped with low realtor commissions.

3)Multiple Listing Service correct disclosures

The listing agent needs to be careful to disclose all the proper mold remediation and work done on the property. Also, a full explanation of the events of the storm would help the future buyer.

Why we are your #1 Home Selling option

We are a Flat Fee MLS Listing Service that is preferred by most of the investors in the Houston area. We plan to save you 3%, which can mean thousands from your bottom line. This has been a tough time for your family, save the most you can. Listing your home will bring you the best possible offer, otherwise, these bandit sign buyers will gain most of your hard earned proceeds.

Call us directly to go over your options, and thank the person that thought about sharing this article with you.

Will Puente. MBA

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